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About Bombo
Bombo is a collective of musicians, dancers, storytellers and educators brought together by their knowledge and passion for drum, song & dance. We provide opportunities for people to experience Afro-Cuban music by providing regular and one off special events. We offer musicians the chance to develop their understanding of these traditions.
We encourage and facilitate the expression of young people through our education projects. Bombo's work is inspired by the profoundly rich folkloric traditions of Afro-Cuban drumming, singing and dancing. These traditions have travelled continents and survived the raging storms of nature, politics and prejudice. They remain humble in their beauty, always finding life, energy and momentum in new surroundings. Cuba is the portal, but over the last twenty years these traditions have continued to find new homes among strangers. With unwavering dedication, inspired artists follow the tradition, maintain its existence and carry forward the story...
Our thanks to Beth Thompson and Mathew Salisbury for the creation of this website.




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