Bombo Productions

 Bombo is a collective of musicians, dancers, storytellers and educators brought together by their knowledge and passion for drum, song & dance.

We provide opportunities for people to experience Afro-Cuban music by providing regular and one off special events. We offer musicians the chance to develop their understanding of these traditions.

We encourage and facilitate the expression of young people through our education projects. Bombo's work is inspired by the profoundly rich folkloric traditions of Afro-Cuban drumming, singing and dancing.

These traditions have travelled continents and survived the raging storms of nature, politics and prejudice. They remain humble in their beauty, always finding life, energy and momentum in new surroundings.

Cuba is the portal, but over the last twenty years these traditions have continued to find new homes among strangers. With unwavering dedication, inspired artists follow the tradition, maintain its existence and carry forward the story ...

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Coro de Clave


Bombo Productions is very excited to announce the launch of our new community choir, Coro de Clave.

Coro de Clave draws on a 19th-century Cuban tradition where large groups of singers sang repertoires of rumbas accompanied by percussion. These sessions are open to everyone. Not sure what to expect? Come and participate in our taster session on the 9th October. (This workshop is then free to those who decide to sign up for the course). 
Course leaders Vicky Jassey and David Pattman


Each session will be divided into three sections:

Practical rhythm and voice exercises; that aims to develop an understanding of clave (the asymmetrical timeline that underpins Cuban music) and singing in contra time.

Repertoire; that builds on learning a body of songs from the Cuban rumba tradition.

Harmony; we will work on three and four-part vocal harmonies.


Place: Vogue Fabric, 66 Stoke Newington Road, N16 7XB

Dates: 9th/16th/30th October (not 23rd) 6th /13th/20th /27th November and 4th Dec. 
8 weeks.

Time: 6:30 - 8.30pm

Price: Taster session £10 or free to those who sign up for the entire course
Course Fee £70 (8 Weeks)

How to book

Please send an email to, who will send you payment details. Your place on the workshop is secured once payment is received.

Maferefun Batá Intensive




Bata Y Rumba Residential


Rumba Laboratory









Afro-Cuban Music Night



The Afro Cuban Music Night (ACM)

Bombo Productions is very excited to announce that we have a fantastic new venue for our Afro Cuban Music Night (ACM) at Vogue Fabrics, Dalston, which means our monthly nights (now the first Monday of each month) will continue from Monday 4th September.

The ACM is a night of drum, song and dance from batá and orisha music to rumba. It is an informal gathering where musicians, music lovers, dancers and those who would like to learn to dance can participate. PLEASE NOTE this is not an audience/performance type event, all those who attend are encouraged to take part in some small or large way depending on their experience of the traditions –this could include anything from hand clapping, singing choruses, dancing, drumming or leading the songs. 

IMPORTANT: Please drink up 
We have worked hard to try and keep this event free (obviously apart from the dance class). This is only possible if people consume drinks at the bar, so please support the event by buying drinks of some kind; they don't have to be alcoholic:)

Dance Class 20:00 pm
We begin with an oricha and rumba dance class. We are very privileged to have Maestra Luanda Pau leading the dance class who is a renowned dancer who worked with the Conjunto Folklorico Nacional de Cuba. Cost £7

Open Batá and Rumba Session: 21:15
Percussionist and singers familiar with these traditions are invited to come and play. We begin with honouring the orichas with batá music followed by a rumba. 


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